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Travel Vaccinations


Are you going abroad on holiday or business?

To help us advise you on any travel immunisations you may need we require you to fill in a Travel Questionnaire,(available below to print or you may collect from our reception desk) once completed please return it to one of the Receptionists. Vaccination schedules can be complicated so the information requested on this form assists the Practice Nurses to work out your specific requirements.

A schedule for vaccines will be written for you.

Please bring in the completed travel forms and an appointment will be made for you at Reception.

It is essential that you factor in adequate time to have the immunisations you need for your journey, and to be aware that there is a cost for some immunisations. We recommend that you have your immunisations around 6 weeks before you travel, please be aware that some immunisations are NOT effective until 10 days after you have them.

If sufficient time is not allowed then it may not be possible to offer you an appointment at the Practice. In these instances we will advise you to attend a Private Health Clinic who will charge you for the service.


Typhoid and Hepatitis A immunisations are normally free of charge for travellers.

Immunisations for tetanus/diphtheria/polio (only come as a single combined vaccine now) are deemed as routine, not travel, so can be provided if required, on the NHS.

However there is a fee for any vaccination certificates that may be needed to show you have had these vaccines. Payment for certificates should be made on the day of vaccination with either cash or with  a debit/credit card.


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Travel Immunisations

What is provided at this Practice:

For background information, this Practice is an NHS General Medical Services practice and is, therefore, governed by the current legislation contained in The National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations 2004, which details those travel immunisations that can be provided within NHS Services. These immunisations include typhoid, polio and infectious hepatitis (also known as Hepatitis A). There are public health reasons why the government chooses to pay for these immunisations. GPs are paid for this work through the “global sum”. The GPs do not have to provide these immunisations as they are classified as an additional service, and can choose to “opt-out” should they wish. Immunisations for tetanus/diphtheria/polio (only come as a single combined vaccine now) are deemed as routine, not travel, so can be provided if required, on the NHS.

What is NOT provided at this Practice?

This Practice has decided not to provide any private travel services (i.e. services outside of those provided for by our NHS contract), which includes immunisations against yellow fever, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, tick borne encephalitis, meningitis and rabies.

What to do now:

Should you require any immunisations listed above as not provided by the Practice, we strongly advise our patients to seek an alternative service provider, either locally, at the Health Station in Hitchin telephone number 01462 459595 or by the Travel Clinic recommended by your Travel Agent.