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Patient Charter Standards

Dr Baxter & Partners – Practice Charter Standards

These are the local standards set within this Practice for the benefit of our patients.  It is our job to give you treatment and advice.  Following discussion with you, you will receive the most appropriate care, given by suitably qualified people.  No treatment will be given without your informed consent.  In the interest of your health it is important for you to understand all the information given to you. Please ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

Our responsibility to you

We are committed to giving you the best service possible.

Names:People involved in your care will give you their name and ensure that you know how to contact them.  The surgery is well signposted and displays names on or over consulting rooms.
Waiting Times:We run an appointment system in this Practice.  You will be given a time at which the Doctor or Nurse hopes to be able to see you.  You should not have to wait for more than thirty minutes in the waiting room for any routine appointment without receiving an explanation for the delay.
Access:You will have access to a Doctor rapidly in case of emergency.  We will arrange a home visit as appropriate for those that are too ill or infirm to be brought to the surgery.
Telephone:We will try to answer the telephone promptly and to ensure that there are sufficient staff to do this.  Please be aware that there are difficult times when the telephone is extremely busy i.e. Monday mornings.
Results:These will only be given to the Patient; because of confidentially we DO NOT give results to anyone else.
Respect:Patients will be treated as individuals and partners in their healthcare, irrespective of their ethnic or religious and cultural beliefs.